Monday, July 17, 2006

Cute Meme. Do it!

Yes, it's another Get To Know You!

* I Said: that I'd get my degree from those b*tches over there
* I Want: to be kissed for hours on end
* I Wish: I'd called that fool a fool to his face
* I Hate: ignant folks
* I Miss: the days when I trusted all men
* I Hear: Aaron Ross
* I Wonder: if I'll ever feel comfortable being physically desired
* I Regret: not writing those damn papers
* I Am Not: a free spirit
* I Dance: all over the house when my roomies ain't home
* I Sing: under my breath at work
* I Cry: at anything remotely sad, the news, movies, wonderful music
* I Am Not Always: tactful, but it's never intentional
* I Make With My Hands: food that comforts others
* I Write: memos, letters, papers, and occasionally poetry
* I Confuse: yeah, just about everyone
* I Need: regular loving, a real job, a place to do my research in peace
* I Should: stop doubting my ability to finish my program
* I Start: getting anxious when I think of all the papers I have to write
* I Finish: other people's sentences, and not always correctly
* I Tag: Lady Taz and anyone else who wants to do this

So, replace what I wrote after the colons, send it to me, and forward to whomever you'd like.

That Bitch

turned out to be married. He neglected to tell me that. No, GK, I'm not bitterer. Same old levels, LOL.

Oh, well, this justifies my low expectations. No, LT, I know it really doesn't, but I feel better saying it.

It's Been a Long Time

Yep, I'm going to do this again, while tweaking this template.