Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yup, More Kramer Rage...

Note: this will be fractured, because I need to vent, but I'm also going back over what I wrote in a listserv.

Pt 1:
Will it be dismissed? Yup, WE don't hold people accountable, just like with Gibson's anti-Semitic rage and Jewish people. Jerry probably "forgave" Mel and that was it. Now his movie will be okay at the box office.

This was so out of control. And in his apology he calls us "Afro-Americans" and "Hispanics" and says he has to do "personal" work.

What exactly are the "Angry Black Men" asking for? Like it matters. I'd better not read about Obama weighing in on this, either.

Honestly, I'm sick of apologies. Everyone apologizes, then does nothing to correct their behavior. Make some damn changes.

Pt 2:

The only reason I'm happy this is getting play, is so that I can use this as a tool about race and media and misrepresentation with my students. Because the media spin on focusing on the N-word, as opposed to sticking a fork up someone's bum in a Trent Lott-like reminiscence is priceless. I only regret that I don't have the clout, yet, to counter Al Sharpton et al. Apparently the Hollywood NAACP is going to be on Anderson Cooper in a minute.
I've also been reading the vitriol on my various blogs and the "suspect" blogs as well. Most commenters from newspaper columns really don't get it. I don't expect them to acknowledge their privilege; but referencing Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle in the same sentence and the word "cracker" shows lack of even basic debating skills. Love confirming my country isn't pretending to be one big PC Jar of Love. Maybe we can get talking "real talk" as a Soror used to say.
Why do Black leaders need to meet with Richards? I feel like men just like to posture, because all I see in every segment is a man: white, Black, Xicano, etc. And what is it going to get? Some money donated to Islamic HOPE or NAACP or Urban League? More vitriol on Rush and Fox and Imus? Woo. As I said before, do something real.

PT 3:
I am specifically referencing what happened with Richards, BUT I SEE YOUR POINT. Black men were attacked, so I can step back from the gender issue with regards to the initial response. And the young Black men attacked are retaining Gloria Allred, so they have white female representation. I see pros and cons in that. I guess they wanted to go the cash route. Which they should. Apologies don't mean anything compared to a payoff. but, hey, who does the payoff help? Should we have Richards donate some Seinfeld royalties to the new King memorial, and one for Rosa as well?

On the other hand, I'm listening to these "Black Leader" men (and I agree with you wholeheartedly on that score, JB) talk about apologies and contacting Richards' agent to ASK HIM TO COME MEET WITH THEM. WTH? Are you serious? To me, this is begging for a white man to validate them. I call BS on that. That is unnecessary. You're the president of the Hollywood NAACP, and you "asked" Richards' agent to ask his client to meet with you and "start a healing dialogue"? Completely miss me with that. I am done.

Yes, we need a new generation of changemakers. And we need to stop looking to Oprah and Obama as our new saviors. We need changemakers in every city. But I feel like we, right here, are the core of that. Gandhi said we must be the change we seek.

I don't want anything from Michael Richards, except maybe money donated to some colleges or chairities. I want to publicly thank him for peeling back the layers. I want to use him and Mel and Paris and Nikki Sixx, and Omar Sharif, and every other famous human to garner interest in actually coming up with meaningful communication between ethnicities. Hell, I just want to use them to teach children that a simple apology doesn't mean anything if it's just words. I want to educate this new generation of youth and young adults of color that lynching, the B-word, and the N-word are still hurtful and hateful, and for people in the public eye to be held accountable for their actions. That going for the almighty dollar at the sacrifice of any cultural pride renders you the female dog or prostitute you mock, rap about, portray in film and win awards for, and have people of all genders and ethnicities parroting out of ignorance. I want these people to learn the meaning of "spook by the door" and recognize their positions in relation to that frame. I want the so-called liberal mainstream media to be deconstructed and changed. I want BET bought out and killed. I want real, positive Black programming on the air in concentrated form and fashion. I want college students to "get it." I want us to tune out the Sharptons, Jacksons, Malveauxs, Smileys, and even Dysons, and think for ourselves. I want us to stop knee-jerking behind one word, and look at intent and practice and implement serious consequences. I want us to vote on what will be good for the marginialized and oppressed in the US, not color, religion, or parties. I want us to look at running for office outside of the two main parties. I want us to step up and not be lazy and individualistic. I want us to care. I want us coalition-build and be effective and secure in working with others. If we need to, I want us to forgive, but never ever forget, nor let others forget.

Is there criminal misconduct in this matter? Anything precedent setting? Boycotts of parent companies? Good. That's icing on my cake, but only icing.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Fuckin Flu Shots

are so not worth it. they hurt like hell. that's right, i'm whining and wimpering right now.

my head hurts too. so there.