Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day of Reckoning

I knew this day was coming, but I figured if I pretended to just disappear, no one would really miss me. The messed up part is that I'm missing people. I am really missing some of my LSes, folks in my cohort, and Brentwood Blvd. I know, Brentwood? WTF? But it is so pretty in Fall. I will give St Louis that, it is beautiful as hell in the fall.

I miss J. I will always love you, no matter who said what or who didn't say what. I was harsher than I intended, but I still stand by you. You kick ass.

I miss Taz. I adore Taz. I'm not worthy. I also am too scared to admit I want what Taz has. The family. The love. The fierceness. I'm writing you tonight. It will be long and rambling, and there will be tearstains. But I will write. If I can make amends, I will.

I miss Sirocco. Silly but straight. Always has something smart to say. I sound like you, just with cussing.

I miss Q. Youse a bad you know what. Evil comments aside, grats on graduating.

I miss FranBoho. I don't even know what to say about it.

I gotta stop.

Nova: My random thoughts and life experiences

Nova: My random thoughts and life experiencesGotta love angry folks of color. I wonder why there are so many of us?